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Eko Guitar Serial Number Search




. This is not only available for Epiphone but many other brands as well. Once you have found your serial number, it is time to write it down for use in the serial number database. There are 3 common ways to store serial numbers: 1.) On a paper copy in an organized folder, notebook, or file. 2.) In a computer file with all the other Gibson serial numbers. 3.) In a computer file with other Gibson instruments. You can go to any Gibson website (e-guitar/epiphone) and type in the serial number you have. If the serial number you have is in the system then it will appear. If it is not, it will not be found. The good news is that once it is in the database it stays there forever. There are many other ways to search for serial numbers. The easiest is to go to the Gibson website. If you type in your serial number you will get a list of guitars that have that serial number. You can scroll through the list and click on one and you will get more information on that guitar. The first number in the serial number is the model number and the second number is the year. Some serial numbers may start with a 3, 4, 5, or 6 depending on the year of the serial number. So the guitar pictured below is a 1959 model year Epiphone Standard Series 3. If you were to type in the serial number for the Epiphone you will get a list of the guitars. Click on the serial number of the Epiphone in the list and you will get more information. When typing in the serial number it is important to get the model number correct. The model numbers are not always easy to see. So if the serial number in your guitar has a 6 in the model number you may get a list of Epiphone guitars in the database. The guitar on the list may not be your guitar. You will need to know the model number for the guitar in your shop to find your serial number. Another way to search for serial numbers is to go to the Epiphone website. There is a serial number search on the Gibson Epiphone web page at To search the database go to Epiphone Serial Number Search. Once you get to the page you will see the database you can search for your serial number. This is a very important tip when looking for



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Eko Guitar Serial Number Search

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